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Pregnancy Massage

available in all trimesters


Post natal Massage

available after the 6 weeks check


Pregnancy Reflexology

available throughout pregnancy


Maternity Reflexology

available in the last few weeks of pregnancy



available as part of your reflexology treatment and particularly used for breech and transverse baby



the use of the Mexican shawl to help relieve aches and pains, rocking and enclosing


Breech Breech Baby

a combination of rebozo, positioning, reflexology, acupoints, moxa and hypnobirthing/hypnotherapy


Closing the bones

a massage and body wrapping suitable in the post natal period



a lovely stand alone treatment or as part of your chosen treatment


Hand / Foot Massage

helps to relieve puffy and tired limbs


Face / Scalp Massage

helps to soothe and calm and relax


Indian Head Massage

suitable throughout pregnancy


Fertility and Well-woman Massage

suitable from puberty to post-menopause, miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption and fostering



can be helpful for specific conditions.

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Guru Holistics 87

We are qualified and experienced to tailor your treatment to suit your needs; and at the stage of pregnancy or post natal that you are in.