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Fertility Massage

This massage is a beautiful experience, working on the lower back into the sacrum, then into the abdominal and womb area.

Swaddled in rebozos and points on the body and feet to balance the hormonal system.

A nurturing experience.

Pregnancy Massage

Working in all the trimesters to help support your growing body. This is our speciality.

Fertility Reflexology

Working in sync with your cycle to balance the hormonal/endocrine system.

We can work throughout the cycle and throughout assisted fertility treatment using reproreflexology techniques.

Maternity Reflexology

Working throughout your pregnancy and also preparing you for birth.

Fertility Acupuncture

Working in line with your cycle and preparing you for fertile time. If you are preparing to undergo assisted fertility this can be used prior and during the treatments.

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Working throughout your pregnancy and preparing you for birth.

Specific points will be used to help you with pregnancy issues.

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