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This treatment is not just for fertility but also for women as maintenance and helps good health. Suitable from puberty to fertility to post menopause.


If you thinking about your womb health then this is the treatment for you.


This is not just about fertility, pregnancy and reproductive health. its about your overall good health.


Can support you through painful periods, irregular periods, endometriosis, PCOS, digestive issues and your fertility journey.


We will work on your abdomen and pelvic area and lower back.


May include:


* massage

* pressure points

* meridian work

* rebozo

* sound therapy

* linking

* reflexology

* reproreflexology

* reiki

* crystals

* aromatherapy

* meditation

* navel cupping

* moxa

* castor oil pack

* yoni steam blends

* herbal teas suggestions


Whatever your journey is we will help to support you.


Suitable for you if you are thinking about pregnancy and assisted pregnancy.

For miscarriage and the post natal year.

For adoption and fostering.


The treatment is calming, nurturing and respectful. You will feel comforted and relaxed.


Book an individual treatment, a longer trreatment to include a more indepth consultation with advice and add-ons or a package.


Individual treatment 90 minutes £60

Follow up treatment 60 minutes £45

Book 3 x 60 treatments £125



Fertility Massage & Womb Massage

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