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Hypnobirthing Classes

What I love about hypnobirthing is that it is so adaptable and easily personalised to each person. You may wish to focus on certain aspects of your birthing environment, you may be wanting information on certain subjects. That is fine as I tailor make the course every time.


I am an independent hypnobirthing instructor and am not reading from a generic script that is not resonating with you.


So, what are you most interested in? What is your birthing partner asking you questions about?


Maybe you have read a book and certain aspects really speak to you.....that is what we can zone into and focus on.


Or you may not know what you want, that too is fine as I will cover many aspects of birth preparation for you.


Over the years I have realised that every time I teach hypnobirthing every couple needs different approaches. So, you will not have to sit through an hour of breastfeeding information or epidural if it doesn't mean anything to you.


The classes are interactive, I am not going to be talking at you but with you.



Available as:



1 hour taster session £45

6 hour hypnobirthing class £180

12 hour hypnobirthing and ante natal class £260

Guru Holistics - 53
Guru Holistics - 23
Guru Holistics - 32
Guru Holistics - 47 (1)



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