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love bump baby

Hello and welcome to love bump baby, my name is Ann and I am passionate about working with women that are thinking about pregnancy, are pregnant and that all important year after.


I have been there myself, I have had issues with pregnancy and I didn't have any support. This has made love bump baby everso special as it is what I would have been so grateful for in my quest to becoming a mother.


My son is now in University but I can still transport myself back to those times in a heartbeat.


Around 10 years ago I had what I call my "epiphany", I knew that I was to provide services to women in the years surrounding pregnancy. Not the fairtytale image of it but the actual reality, the realisation once you are lucky enough to be pregnant, that it isn't all about blooming and glowing and being fabulous. It's a cocktail of hormones that you don't have the recipe for and have no control over, its aches and pains and hotness and all over feeling grumpy one moment then ecstatic the next.


Does this sound like you? Because that certainly was me in my time.


I offer you a safe space to

have your cocktail of hormones balanced through reflexology

your aches and pains soothed and ironed out with massage

your worries and fears about fertility, pregnancy and birth addressed, explained with the beauty of hypnobirthing have the knowledge of why, what, how and if.....


I have women come to me that are concerned about baby being breech, or that they may be induced......and it is good to voice your concerns, have ways of preparing for this so that you can enjoy your preparation for birth rather than fearing it.


Be assured that I have your best interests at heart and will suggest a plan for you to move forward with joy, anticipation and excitement.


I am qualified in many things relating to fertility, pregnancy and post natal work, from hypnobirthing, specialist reflexology and massage, exercise and nutrition, hypnotherapy and 3-step rewind for traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences.


I have an online school with

a free pregnancy relaxation you to start straight away especially at this time of Lockdown

a create your own birthing room for labour course using 5 essential oils

pregnancy and post natal mini course

online fertility support course full of self-care tips for you to gently adjust your lifestyle

free supportive relaxation


I work from a cosy two room studio in Gilesgate, Durham with free parking and you are very welcome to see me in person once restrictions have been lifted. However, I am available via zoom for sessions in the meantime.



I like to go that extra mile and enjoy including my knowledge to enhance my treatments, such as cooking, baking, aromatherapy, photography, therapeutic crafts and writing hynotherapy and meditation scripts. I put all of this to use in Mother blessings and Mother nurture day retreats.




All photographs are on location with local ladies Kelly, Lisa, Rachel featuring Ann and taken at

love bump baby 1 Vane Tempest Hall, Maynard's Row, Gilesgate, Durham, DH1 1QF.